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rip_mom_and_dad's Journal

For people who have lost a parent
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A support group community for people who have <b>one or both of their parents....</b>

- A B O U T -

I created this community December 4th 2007, because my beautiful and loving, amazing mother passed away on November 22nd, 6 days before her 57th birthday and on Thanksgiving; and was buried on her birthday. My mother had a livejournal as well, she was starrshine1. She was my best friend and I am having a VERY hard time dealing with losing her. We talked daily either on the phone or messenger and we saw each other about 4 times a week.

Her death was sudden and tragic. My father found her passed out in the laundry room on November 18th, some time after he had awoken from a nap. She was unconscious and was not breathing when the ambulance arrived. She was on life support for 4 days before we took her off because she was suffering and we were told that she was without oxygen for so long that she would NEVER be able to walk, talk, read (which she loved), or even recognize us ever again.... She had suffered many small strokes but the final cause of death was hypoxic encephalopathy and cardiac arrest....

I created this community in hopes of meeting other people who have been through similar situations. I am only 23. i have kids of my own... and she was my best friend... Losing her was so sudden.. I feel so alone and I hope to meet others who can relate.

This community is for you if you have lost your mother, father, or both. Anyone who has lost at least one of their parents is free to join, vent, rant, reminisce, share your dreams, letters to your parent/s, etc.. Anything you want to share, feel free. We are brought together by loss and together we can survive, knowing that we are NOT alone.

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Promo Banners... Feel free to use them. :) There are many of us out there and in LJ land (I'm sure) who could use the venting, ranting, sharing space. :) Thanks for joining. ♥
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