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Mom- my best friend; rest in peace; my a

placebo_effectz in rip_mom_and_dad

Has anyone had a dream in which your mom or dad came to you and talked about an after life? My mother told me about many dreams that she had about my grandmother.. The last one she had that she told me about happened about 3 weeks before she passed away.. That she had had a dream in which her mother had come to her and said that they would be together soon... It struck me as odd, but my mother said that it was comforting and that she didn't think that it meant she was going to die or that anyone else close was going to die. She just thought that it meant that they were together in spirit or something...

Now, I ask this because i know that it is common for people to have dreams involving their loved ones who have passed and they always seem to involve very deep and interesting topics.

.... I HOPE that my mother comes to me in a dream to talk.....

So, has it happened to you? What was the dream like/about? *sigh*


I constantly dream about my mother, in hopes that her spirit will come and talk to me. But I really can't tell if it's just my subconscious or if it's really her. Well, right now my dreams are just a reflection of my fear and pain... I have the same dream where she is alive but dying or she is alive and I know she should be dead. But in the beginning, I had dreams where she told me what dying was like and how she's okay and she gave me a big hug. But something tells me I made all that up.

I still wait for her to come to me in a dream, a dream where I know my brain could never create such a meeting.
my mother passed away four years ago this january..since then, i've had tons of dreams that she is in. the dreams don't seem to be that significant, she doesn't really tell me anything important or serious. it's more like she's just there. most of the the dreams aren't about her, she's just in them. it's almost like my sleeping brain can't grasp that she's not in my day to day life anymore.
My mother came to me in a dream. First she was dressed in one of her favorite outfits. Then she was dressed in her "round the house" clothes. For some reason we were in some sort of diner. Everything was blurry except for her. She spoke to me. She said she was proud of me. When I woke up I started crying and asking "what for?"